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Restore Your Smile With Dental Implants

Restore Your Smile With Dental Implants.

You have a variety of options when it comes to restoring your smile if you've lost a tooth. But of the available options, you'll find that dental implants can provide a very natural appearance, stronger support, and longer-lasting results. Learn more about the procedure by reaching out to your Charleston, SC, Dr. Denise Stone of Stone Family Dentistry.

Why Restoration is Important

When you have a gap in your smile what happens is that the surrounding teeth will often shift to occupy the empty space. This causes a ripple effect with other teeth in the row, which may cause problems with spacing and may alter your bite.

Improved Support

Unlike a dental bridge, dental implants do not require the reshaping of your healthy teeth in order to support your new tooth. Dental implants are instead supported in a similar way to your natural teeth. But instead of a root, a titanium post is bonded directly onto the bone of your jaw, and this will serve to support a crown.


The process through which the titanium post bonds to bone is called osseointegration integration. It's a process where bone cells grow around the post to permanently secure it. The end result can last a lifetime given proper care, only the crown may need to be replaced but even that can last a very long time. Another upside is that a dental implant also cannot suffer decay, but the soft tissue that surrounds it and the rest of your smile very much can so it's important to maintain good dental health habits.

Restoring Multiple Teeth

To restore multiple teeth dental implant-supported dentures can be an improved option to traditional removable dentures. These can combat many of the common complaints regarding removable dentures, such as shifting and slipping as you eat or speak. They can do so because they are held in place by dental implants. You can restore a full set of teeth with fewer implants than the number of teeth they are restoring, and are available as both full and partial.

Dental Implants in Charleston, SC

Not everyone may be a candidate for dental implants so it's important to come in to find out if you can become one, and if dental implants are the best solution for you. So schedule a consultation with Dr. Stone of Stone Family Dentistry in Charleston, SC, by dialing (843) 556-6566.

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