Tooth Colored Fillings Restore Your Smile

Tooth-Colored Fillings Restore Your Smile

Need a dental filling? You're not alone. Most people need a dental filling at some point in their lives. Cosmetic fillings, also called tooth-colored fillings, are used to fill cavities and repair damaged teeth. Stone Family Dentistry, which is located in Charleston, SC, offers a fullWoman's Smile range of dental services. Dr. Denise Stone and Dr. David Stone, Jr. are some of the top dentists in Charleston, SC. Read on to find out how tooth-colored fillings can restore your smile. 

1. Beautify Your Smile- Tooth-colored dental fillings can improve the appearance of your smile. Tooth-colored fillings offer a way to create a more pleasing, natural-looking smile. Amalgam fillings are less popular than tooth-colored fillings because of their silvery appearance. Once your dentist completes your tooth-colored filling, it will look natural and won't be noticeable when you smile, laugh, or speak.

2. Restore Decayed Teeth- Tooth-colored dental fillings are used to repair teeth that have cavities. Cavities are holes in the teeth. Causes of cavities include snacking, sipping sugary drinks, bacteria, and bad oral hygiene. Untreated dental cavities can cause tooth pain, infection and tooth loss. 

3. Repair Fractured Teeth- Tooth-colored dental fillings are also used to repair broken teeth. Breaking a tooth is a common phenomenon. An accident, sports injury, or eating something hard can cause a tooth to chip or break. A tooth-colored filling can make your broken tooth look whole and healthy again. 

4. Fix Worn-Down Teeth- Your teeth are made from tough stuff. But habits, injuries, and health conditions can lead to wear and tear. Some of the factors that can lead to worn-down teeth are tooth grinding, brushing aggressively, and eating foods that have a high acid content. Tooth-colored fillings can be used to repair worn-down teeth. Tooth-colored fillings are durable and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. 

5. Restore Function of Teeth- Tooth colored fillings are incredibly strong and they will restore full function of your damaged or weakened teeth. They're strong enough to withstand biting and chewing forces. Tooth-colored dental fillings can be used on either your front or back teeth. 

If you need a dental filling, why wait? We can help you today. Call Stone Family Dentistry at (843) 556-6566 today to schedule a dental consultation with your family dentists in Charleston, SC. We want you to have a strong, healthy smile that looks great, too.

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