The Importance of Preventive Care

Want to keep your oral health at a high level? Then you should work closely with your dentist, Dr. Denise Stone of Stone Family Dentistry in Charleston, SC. She can recommend to you specific preventive care treatments that will keep your mouth in top shape and free of oral issues.

What Does Preventive Care Involve?

The first step in any preventive care plan is a thorough evaluation of your mouth to figure out which treatments you have to undergo. The primary goal is to maintain good oral health by avoiding decay, periodontal disease, and other dental health problems. You’ll then undergo a thorough cleaning that involves scaling and polishing your teeth to remove tartar and plaque.

You will also discuss your diet as well as other habits like drinking and smoking that could contribute to poor oral health. When you consume sugary drinks and foods, the bacteria found in the plaque buildup turns the sugar into acids that can significantly contribute to decay. In addition, plaque could likewise cause soreness and swelling if it’s not thoroughly and regularly removed.

If you have existing dental fillings, bonding, veneers, or other dental treatments, your dentist will likewise check on these to ensure that they’re in great condition. Otherwise, you will need additional or touchup treatments for them as well to prevent further damage. Following this, you will just need to follow all of your dentist’s recommendations and continue to receive regular dental examinations and cleanings from our Charleston office every six months.

Need More Preventive Care Advice?

Contact Stone Family Dentistry in Charleston, SC, to schedule your appointment with Dr. Denise Stone. Call (843) 556-6566 for further details.

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