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dental crownsWith old technology, dental crowns always needed to be made with a metal foundation. Today, we can make them out of pure porcelain, ceramic or aesthetic reinforced resins. There are still occasions on the back teeth when the durability of a metal crown makes it the restoration of choice. But for crowns that show, wouldn’t you rather have one that looks as natural as possible? 

Why Porcelain Crowns Are Needed 
It is needed when a tooth is badly broken down – there are existing large fillings or a large area of tooth decay, because a filling isn’t strong enough. And in the front of the mouth, you will want a porcelain crown that looks exactly like a tooth. If done by an expert cosmetic dentist, it will be very difficult for people to tell that it isn’t real. 
Years ago, it had to be fused to a metal framework in order to create a crown strong enough to resist breaking in use. But bonding technology developed since the 1980s has allowed dentists to bond these ceramic crowns directly to the teeth. With this strong bond, it becomes strong enough to function under even heavy chewing pressures.
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